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Here’s a list of overused phrases I want to see banned in this New Year:

…. Anyone who says “Unhelpful” as a professional/high-handed passive aggressive way of being pissed off about something someone’s said but wanting to maintain the moral high ground.

“Challenging” as in educational or children’s behaviour or for a vacant job role – translating as shit/awful but political correctness stops them from saying it.

“In a good place right now” as if they’ve gone to an LA psychotherapist or read too much Heat Magazine.

Anyone who describes themselves with a straight face as a “Digital Native”.

Anyone who introduces their job as I’m a Creative…’ Not, I’m creative, or I work freelance as a graphic designer, or I work in advertising, etc, but ‘I’m A Creative’. Such arrogance in needing to brand themselves as important and above the daily grind, really gets on my tits.

“Guilty Pleasure” to describe a tune they love but are scared they might have the piss taken.

Anyone who says “At the end of the day”. Or worse, in a business sense, “By close of play”

Those who describe themselves as “Aspirational” in a corporate lifestyle sense without a shred of irony or self-awareness.

Those who emphatically and nervously always prefix Multiculturalism with “Celebrate” as if they’re trying to sell something.

Anyone who starts a sentence (usually politicians) with “Look…”

Anyone who finishes a sentence with “…you know?”

Those who start a long speech with “With all due respect…” before launching into a shit-storm of evil speak…

What irritating phrases would YOU like to see banned in 2014..? 

Please let me know…          The best phrase wins a tea bag.

(Polls close at midnight on the 9th January, you may still be charged if you comment after this time, calls cost $400 from a landline, and from a mobile considerably more, not all texts will be read, in fact, my internet connection is about to go down, so maybe none of them will be 😉 )