For about four years now I’ve been a screenwriter, when I started out I naively thought I could bash out a couple of features, go to Hollywood, push them round town in an old pram wrapped in a golden shawl, then retire to Big Sur to start a hareem.

Four years later and I’m lucky if I get a commission to write a video on Health & Safety in Abbatoirs.

So this blog then is to combine my love of writing short-stories and screenplays that will never be made into films.

Hopefully you will enjoy the concepts and stories – and if you just happen to be that Hollywood Producer then feel free to give me a call…

I have four fully developed feature screenplays and about fifteen shorts just aching to be filmed, plus more treatments than a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. Or if you have a script yourself that you’d like tweaked or input given to, with a view to production then I have a good track record helping screenwriters get their projects off the ground or ready for industry viewing. I’ve got a bunch of testimonials somewhere under all the rejection letters, please feel free to contact me for references and rates.

Aw hell, feel free to contact me anyway… mzealey@hotmail.com


  1. Aw thank you Coco, that means a lot. I’ve got a new short story I just can’t seem to finish, but your kind words have inspired me to get busy and nail it. Looks like you’re in paradise at the moment, judging by your last post: savour it. 🙂

  2. so nice to have you in my writing-life 🙂 hehe

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