In the Silence of Your Eyes

Posted: July 13, 2012 in Poem
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I want to look into your eyes and see myself in there, I want to see in your eyes that you feel the same.

The perfect balance between us simple and completing.

I want the two of us to just sit there without a word needing to be spoken. Looking…knowing…still dreaming…

The amniotic silence.

And in the silence we just stare, feeling the electricity like static after a storm, or the gentle hum of pylons in a quiet field. A river of warm love flowing between us, through us, out of us and back in again.

I want to transfer a thousand ideas into your mind; a thousand emotions revealing how much I care for you.

I want to talk a book of honest words between us without drawing breath and opening our lips.

A holy communion of communication.

Your eyes reciprocating, telling me your silent truth, your words, your wonder…

And then after, not a word spoken but an ocean crossed.


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