BADTHINK: The Principles of PC NewSpeak

Posted: June 26, 2011 in London
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BADTHINK: “The Principles of PC NewSpeak.”


 This has to be a delicate post, a post so well written and subtle that it tickles your brain cells softer than a baby eaglet’s under arm hair. If I get it wrong then I will become guilty of the very thing I’m trying to explain. More guilty than the scumbag ignorenti and high-handed cognoscenti I’m trying to write about. I’m not sure I’m up to the challenge frankly, so I’ll let you judge.

Right now in London in the 21st Century there is nothing worse than being a paedophile. It is a safe news item – a story guaranteed to unite the left and right, the rich and poor, the emotionally intelligent and thick under a banner of ‘WE DO NOT LIKE THIS!” … and quite rightly so. It makes readers/viewers feel comfortable because they can define themselves by what they DO NOT LIKE. A line in the sand. Safety. Societal safety. But have you noticed how it is now almost impossible to have conversations about more marginal, grey area issues without having the debate shut down. I’m not talking about Davos Economic Forum, or Child benefit being withdrawn from those earning over £50k, I’m not even talking about sensitive issues like people on the dole, or on disability allowance, or those who have contributed nothing to society expecting and demanding society pay them £ 80k a year on housing benefit. All this seems up for debate. I myself am taking the piss on many levels of society right now – always taking more than I put back. But no, what I’m talking about specifically  is Multiculturalism, Gender Politics, Ethnicity – have you noticed how for intelligent people, cultured people, these topics are now off limits for debate and any attempt to engage them will be shut down with comedy or worse – cries of “Racist”, “Sexist”, etc.   Again another way that people can align themselves with the media perceived ‘Cool’, so they can say ‘I do not like this, therefore I must be cool.’

I’ll give you a few basic examples. I live in London: The top news stories in London are about Pakistani men grooming vulnerable white girls, Pakistani men outside East London Mosque patrolling the streets and warning women who are not covered, ‘gays’, people who are drinking to get out the area of Whitechapel as it is now a ‘Muslim Area’. Pakistani men killing their daughters in ‘Honour Killings’ and Female genital mutilation by yes… can you guess..? I’m merely reporting last night’s news. Now any debate about what might be wrong with their interpretation of Islam, or even deeper, male Pakistani culture is immediately shut down with cries of ‘Oooooohhh I’m telling – that’s Isssssslamophobic’ – ‘We must not even discuss this.’ This is Bad Think and the new doctrine of ‘New Speak’ finds this ‘unhelpful and problematic’.

Likewise, there is a massive problem with gun crime and street muggings. I actually put in a freedom of information request to  the Ministry of Justice (yeah too much time on my hands, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t just acting from my own empirical and anecdotal evidence) 79% of all gun crime and street muggings are committed in London by Black Males. But hell – we can’t talk about that, there isn’t a problem – the problem is you are racist to even mention it. No problem here… move along.

Concerning Gender politics – it is illegal to ask a woman of child-bearing age whether she has/plans to have children or if she does what her childcare arrangements might be. Fair enough – why can’t men share the burden of child-raising equally? Totally. But considering 35% of children live in single mother families in London and due to an inconvenient genetic fact that women must physically give birth to  the children  and take up to six months maternity leave, then (as many of my female friends decided, to not return to work) the cost to small business of employing a woman in her twenties and early thirties is the same as playing roulette with loaded dice. Of course, if a small business interviews people for a new job if that business has any brains they’ll always take the best person – but if the choice between best person is equally qualified man or woman then….

Bah, I can tell I’ve lost you already dear reader – because you are intelligent you’ve been conditioned to shut down already and just consider me an asshole. But look deeper: don’t you see how it’s genuinely frightening that we can’t even debate these issues any more (and hundreds of better examples my brain ain’t grand enough to posit) without the knee jerk reaction of ‘Racist, Sexist, Islamophobic’)

You might say ‘Why do you care, Zealey? Surely you got enough of your own problems?’

Quite so. But as John Donne said – ‘No man is an island’, and so I’m symbiotically linked and interdependent with the society I live in. I care about this society for better or worse and I hate to see the 99% of Pakistani Men, or young black males who are quietly going about their life same as I try to do. But Without being able to have an adult and serious considered debate about what might be true and real, honest and important, it leaves the gate wide open for genuine racists and sexists, people who actually hate people for no other reason than there fearful prejudice. Such nuanced discussions are no longer acceptable without being shut down by your dinner party host blocking your mouth up with wilted asparagus.

Fancy discussing these topics in a considered and qualified manner on mainstream media…?


Thoughts welcome…

(Or just shut me down with ‘this is an unhelpful conversation, we shouldn’t even be having You are guilty of Bad Think, remember the Olympics , ‘Celebrate’ or die…’ 😉

Hope you understand where I’m coming from, if not, then I’m off to drink another bottle of Victory V gin without your company….

  1. Spot on. Your presumptions are correct. But in the 21st century, there comes a point where we must get over historical excuses and look at reality as it presents now. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  2. violetwisp says:

    My take would be that the one dimensional facts that you’re presenting here are totally loaded with sad histories of prejudice and discrimination, and so few people bother to look at root causes and deeper issues, that discussion inevitably becomes tinged with racism or sexism. As a (presumably) white, (presumably) male in a country traditionally run by white males, you’ll (presumably) have no personal experience.of being the victimised race or the dis-empowered gender, and I imagine that’s why it all seems quite so irritating to you.

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